Friday, 21 March 2014


There is a moment when the song begins,
when light peels back the darkness and I sing,
when leaf by leaf the tree assumes its shape,
when I reclaim my throne within its crown.

I sing because the lifeforce tells me to,
because there is so little time to sing,
because my heart is full and fit to burst,
because… because I must, because I can.

You wake to hear me, drowsing in your bed.
You wake and think of how you woke before,
awake in darkness, everything quite still,
awake and waiting for the night to end.

You fall asleep and I become your dream,
become the music you are following,
become a forest where a river flows,
become a glade where you can rest at last.

There is a moment when the song begins.

© Philip Lyons

From Like It Is, published by Poetry Space Ltd, 2011

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